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Signs To Tell If You Need A New Roof For Your Home

Signs To Tell If You Need A New Roof For Your Home

The roof is the most exposed part of your home. Due to its position, it is in constant battle with the natural elements like wind, sunlight, and rain. Over time, the roof will start wearing out. Here are 5 signs that you need a new roof for your home.

Light leaks through the roof

A small hole on your roof will allow light to pass through your roof into the house. If you have a ceiling in your home, checking from above the ceiling will help to identify this. The light will get through when it’s sunny while moisture in the rainy season. This indicates a threat to the roof and the interior.

Water Leakage or dark spots on your ceiling

During the rainy season, small drops of water penetrate through a hole on your roof. These droplets are likely to soak your ceiling. If a lot of water leaks, it also dissolves the water color. When it dries, it identified as a patch on the ceiling. Small holes keep on expanding, and it is important to replace the roof as soon as possible. In most instances, water from the hole trickles down the roof to forma spot away from the hole.

There are Granules in the drainage system

Small particles of sand granules present in the drainage system are an indicator that the shingle granules need replacement. As your roof gets old, the granules wear out. They eventually find their way into the gutter and the drainage system.

Parts of your roof are detaching

The gutter attached to your roof often gets separated. It is important to check frequently if they are attached securely and whether they are channeling water to the right output. Old gutters usually have holes pouring water outside the targeted output. If these holes cannot be repaired, it is important to have the gutter replaced. On the other hand, the chimney and vents are also likely to tear and detach slowly from the roof. It is important to check the joints of the roof and chimney frequently, and there is apparent damage, the roof should be replaced.

Your roof is sagging or leaning

This is the easiest way to tell if your roof needs replacement. There are many things that make your roof to sag. They include falling objects like tree branches that alter the structure your roof or moisture leading to decay of the wood supporting it. If a sagging or leaning roof is not replaced, it is likely to collapse over time.

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