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Connecticut Roof Snow Removal

Connecticut Roof Snow Removal

Connecticut Roof Snow & Ice Dam Removal Service

If you’ve experienced a major snowfall in your town, your first thought would probably be to reach out to your shovel and get to work. Don’t, call in the professional at ADN Roofing offering Connecticut snow removal services.

While ground level snow can easily be removed, roof snow removal proves to be a very dangerous undertaking that should be left only to the professionals. When left for a long time, snow will eventually destroy the structure of your roof so not removing it, isn’t really a viable option.

Many homeowners look at the depth of the snow and decide whether or not to have the snow removed. This assumption can be very costly as the decision should actually be based on the weight of the snow, not its depth. This is because wet snow is actually heavier than dry snow. To determine the type of snow simply heft a few shovelfuls.

Signs that you need to have now snow removed from your Roof

There a few sign that you should look out for when it comes to any damage to your roof caused by snow;
Roof-rafter sagging.
This is a visual change that you can do to check if the snow on your roof is causing any damage to your roof.

Cracking sounds
This is a very common sign that you need to have snow removed immediately. The sound should serve as a warning sign as the roof is carrying too much weight.

Why it is important to have a professional handle it;

Prevent further damage to the roof
We will be able to assess any damage caused before beginning the snow removal process. If let to an amateur to do the job you can be assured of more damage done as the proper assessment was not done first. CT roof snow removal services guarantee a safer and cheaper option with your roof left intact.

Prevent personal injury
Unlike ground level snow removal, roof snow removal requires a lot of expertise to handle it. We will provide you with a professional team who will be able to climb to the roof without causing any accidents. Accidents can occur just from a misplaced ladder leading to personal injury or to others around you.

Right equipment and tools
Different equipment will be needed to get the job done depending on several factors such as depth and type of snow. Connecticut roof snow removal puts all this into consideration before commencing work thus ensuring you get the best service.

As a homeowner, it is important to always plan for snow removal after winter. This can easily be accomplished by making time to schedule it with CT snow removal services. We offer you professional and safe roof snow removal ensuring no damage to your roof. Early preparation will save you the expensive costs that you will pay when scheduling last minute snow removal.

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