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Connecticut Chimney Services

Connecticut Chimney Services

Connecticut Chimney Services, Repair & Repointing Services

ADN Roofing, LLC, servicing families in Connecticut for more than 15 years, offer a wide variety of chimney services.

Having your chimney cleaned and inspected each year can prevent fires from happening within your home. When done annually, proper maintenance can prevent blockages and build-up from happening in your fireplace so that when cold temperatures occur, your fireplace can perform at an optimal level.

Our routine cleaning service removes dangerous creosote from inside your chimney. Creosote is the buildup of a black, brown tar-like substance that sticks to the walls of your chimney and is flammable. When significant buildup occurs, a fire can occur, which can melt the mortar, cause the chimney liners to collapse and eventually the fire makes its way to the roofing materials which then will begin to burn.

Other common repairs items that are looked at during an inspection is the chimney flashing, which is the weatherproof material used to join where the chimney and roof join together. Flashing is an important, but simple repair because it prevents water from entering into your roof.

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Repointing, which involves the mortar and brick or your chimney, is another essential repair that needs to looked at annually with an inspection. The mortar in-between your brick can decay with changes in the weather. When the mortar decays, this allows water to enter and again, can cause extensive damage which in turn can cause expensive repairs. By having this examined each year and if needed, removed and replaced with new, can save money down the road. A waterproof sealant is applied after the repointing process is done and will extend the life of the mortar.

A chimney cap is an important part of your chimney and provides a vital part to keeping your chimney clean and clear of debris. A chimney cap helps to prevent leaves and twigs from nearby trees falling into the chimney as well as keep out small animals such as birds, squirrels and raccoons that like to call a chimney home. ADN Roofing can ensure that your current chimney cap is not cracked or broken and if needed, provide the installation of chimney caps.

Having your chimney cleaned and an inspection performed is best to schedule during the spring or summer months as this allows you to have any maintenance or chimney repairs completed by fall and winter.

Contact ADN Roofing, LLC today for all of your chimney needs. We will come to your home and inspect your chimney for any damage as well as provide an estimate for cleaning. We are a team of trained professionals that can offer competitive pricing combined with high-quality work standards in Connecticut.

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