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ADN Roofing LLC offers our valued customers the largest variety of skylights in the widest array of shapes and sizes available in the Connecticut area.

Why Skylights? Skylight Benefits

Skylights add natural lighting and warmth to your home and have a spectacular appearance that you can customize to the exact area that you are illuminating. Natural sunlight is the ultimate in lighting, because it does not change the colors of your home decor. Skylights provide brightness in dark corners or areas of your home, cut down the need for artificial lighting, and thereby decrease your electricity bill. Brightening a corner-reading nook with natural light helps to avoid eye fatigue. Skylights can provide ventilation in stuffy areas of a home. You can enjoy a bit of the outdoors at night as you gaze into a skylight and see the stars above you for a spectacular scene developed by nature. Skylights are also recognized by the Energy Star program and are a deduction on your annual income taxes.

Skylight Installation

There are many factors to take into consideration when deciding on skylight placement in your home. Our dedicated, experienced personnel can work with you to provide lighting and warmth through skylights to the areas you desire it in while explaining placement options and exploring sizes and shapes with you.

A skylight on a north-facing roof provides constant but cool light to enter your home. An east-facing roof provides maximum light and warmth in the morning and a west-facing skylight provides the same in the afternoons. In the cool climates in Connecticut, the favorable position is a south-facing roof to gain passive solar heat in the winter and decrease your heating bills when it is cold.

The slope of a skylight on your roof also plays an integral part in how much solar heat you can gain in the winter. A general rule of thumb as stated by the Consumer Energy Center is to “install it with a slope equal to your geographical latitude plus 5 to 15 degrees.”

Skylight Repairs

Our professional teams of skylight contractors and installers can make repairs to existing skylights in your home. It is of the utmost importance that they are sealed properly both on the roof and inside your home so they do not leak. Leaks can grow over time and ruin much of your roofing materials, thereby turning a small leak into a large and costly repair item.

It is best to leave skylight installation to the professionals for warm in lighting and a safe product for your home. We are happy to help you design and install all of your skylight needs in Connecticut. Call today!

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