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ADN Roofing LLC offers a plethora of standard roofing services from whole house tear off and replacement to minor shingle replacement or leak repair. Customers can choose from an array of classic materials like ply board and asphalt shingles to customized tiles, cedar shakes, or colored, tin sheets. Regardless of your budget or aesthetic preferences, the experts at ADN will work with you to create a roof that flawlessly represents your desired look and feel.

Building a new home? Adding a covered porch to your property? Renovating an older home? Giving the exterior of your residence a much needed facelift? A new roof can not only extend the life of your structural framework, but it can add significant value to your home. Interested in learning more about how an updated roof can reduce energy costs and maximize efficiency? Call us today to learn more about how a skylight or customized roof window can illuminate and brighten your home.

Regardless if your home repair projects are large or small, ADN roofing offers exceptional roofing services, superior building materials, and affordable prices.

Power Washing Services

Over time, textured or even flat roofing surfaces can accumulate dirt, debris, moss, and other gunk and grime that might leave your roof looking a little less than desirable. Standing water on flat roofs can also be a haven for harmful mold and bacteria. When it comes to curb appeal, discolorations and visible splotching on the roof of a house are certainly not very attractive. Not to mention, this unwanted buildup can damage the roof material. Contact the roofing service professionals at ADN Roofing LLC to schedule a pressure washing appointment to make your existing roof and siding look brand new again.

Regardless if you are putting your home for sale on the market and would like a better chance of impressing a potential buyer, or you simply like the look of a well maintained home, allow our experienced team to safely pressure wash your home without compromising the protective seal or construction of the roof itself. Take care of your shingles and siding today by giving them a good pressure wash by the ADN roofing professionals.

Flat Top Roofing Specialists

Depending on the architectural style of your home, a flat top roof can provide a myriad of benefits and perks as compared to a sloped roof. However, flat top roofs often require special attention as well as additional maintenance to avoid standing water, which ultimately leads to structural damage and potential leaks. Especially if you would like to utilize that space for practical or functional purposes, let the professionals at ADN Roofing LLC install, maintain, and repair a flat top roof on your home.

ADN Roofing LLC offers a range of flat top sealant materials including rubber, EPDM, and mineral compounds. From installations to recoating, the experts at ADN are skilled at perfecting and maintaining flat top roofs. Optimize your roof space with a patio terrace, rooftop garden, or outdoor lounge. The sky is literally the limit when it comes to repurposing your flat roof space into something functional. Give them a call today for a free estimate on your next roofing project.

Skylights Contractors

In addition to aesthetics, skylights and roof windows are a great way to add warmth and light to your living space. With plenty of shapes and styles to choose from, there are endless ways to customize the appearance your roof while enhancing the illumination of your home with natural light.

Contact the pros at ADN Roofing today for a free estimate on the installation or repair of your new skylight.

Connecticut Chimney Contractors

ADN Roofing LLC is pleased to offer their customers a variety of chimney maintenance and repair services including waterproofing, flashing, repointing, and the installation of chimney caps. Optimize the use of your furnace or fireplace by ensuring that the chimney is properly and safely expelling smoke and byproducts.

If your home is experiencing chimney malfunction or visible damage, give ADN Roofing LLC a call today for a comprehensive diagnosis and repair plan that will get your chimney back in working order as soon as possible.

CT Gutter Contractors

A properly functioning gutter system helps to redirect storm water away from a home’s structure so it is not damaged from heavy rains. Just like any other aspect of a maintained home, gutters must be regularly cleaned and inspected to avoid unwanted damage to the system itself or the roof to which they are attached. A blocked gutter system can not only place unnecessary strain on the attachment hardware, but may cause water back up and overflow that might potentially compromise the structure and integrity of the eaves.

ADN Roofing LLC offers installation of both traditional and advanced seamless gutter systems, gutter guards to prevent the accumulation of excess limbs and leaves, as well as thorough cleaning services to remove any build up and/or blockages.

Roof Snow Removal in Connecticut

If left too long, heavy snow is detrimental to a roof’s structure in many ways. Not only can it cause the surface to sag underneath the additional weight, but ice dams can accumulate near the eaves. Ice dams are incredibly dangerous because they trap melting snow on the roof and can eventually lead to significant leaks.

Allow the experienced professionals at ADN Roofing to safely and effectively remove the snow from your roof so you can prevent those unwanted, not to mention expensive, damages that can occur otherwise. Amateur snow removal can result in permanent roof, eave, or gutter damage, so don’t put this job in the hands of someone inexperienced. Call ADN today!

Emergency Roof Services in CT

Nobody likes unexpected home damage, but a roof problem is a slippery slope that leads to additional problems if left unfixed. Heavy rains, ice accumulation, high winds, large hail stones, and fallen trees can often leave extensive problems that expose the structure and contents of your home.

In addition to standard scheduled repairs and general maintenance, ADN Roofing professionals are standing by to address your emergent problems that can’t wait until normal business hours. On call nights and weekends, we will quickly assess and repair your sudden issue so you can move on and get back to enjoying your precious free time that should be spent with family and friends – not worrying about roof problems.

If you are experiencing a sudden or spontaneous issue with your roof, gutter system, or chimney, contact ADN Roofing LLC and take advantage of their remarkable expertise and superior customer service.

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