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How Roofing Contractors Reshingle Steep and High-Pitched Roofs

How Roofing Contractors Reshingle Steep and High-Pitched Roofs

If you’re a homeowner, chances are you will need to have your home repaired or replaced at some point. The best course of action is to hire a professional roofing contractor who will be able to get the job done well and safely. Working on a roof is a dangerous job due to the possibility of falling or slipping. This is particularly true if the roof is high-pitched or steep. Here is some information about how roofing contractors re shingle a roof that rises four feet or more for every 12-foot horizontal span.

Roof Safety

Roofing contractors take many precautions before working on a roof. For example, roofing contractors will try to wear loose-fitting clothing to ensure flexibility and unrestricted movement. Roofing contractors will also wear shoes with rubber soles for traction. Both wind and rain can make an individual lose their balance on the roof. Therefore, most roofing contractors will refuse to do the job when the weather is windy or rainy.

The roofing contractor will use an extension ladder to get onto the roof. The extension ladder will need to be sturdy and long enough to extend three feet or more above the eaves of the roof. The bottom of the ladder will be secured to the foundation and the top of the ladder will be secured to the fascia or eaves.

Roof Jacks

One tool that roofing contractors may use is roof jacks or roof brackets. Roofing contractors use 2-by-8-inch boards and roof jacks in order to build scaffolding on the deck of the roof. For effective support, roofing contractors will nail the roof jacks into the rafter with 2.5- or 3-inch nails. The base of the roof brackets will be able to fit under the topmost layer of shingles. The roofing contractor will screw or nail the brackets to prevent movement.

Roof Ladders

Roofing contractors who are re-shingling a large roof will likely use multiple rows of scaffolding. They may also use more than one ladder so that it is easier to move from one row to the next. Roofing contractors may use two-by-fours to make the ladders by themselves. The scaffolding will support the ladder. The roofing contractor will then be able to reach the shingles between scaffolding rows easily and safely. If a roof is wider than a roofing contractor’s reach by only a few feet, one ladder and one scaffolding row may be all that is needed.

Undoubtedly, taking safety precautions is incredibly important when it comes to re-shingling a roof. Therefore, homeowners should leave the job to professionals who know how to get the job done safely and well. For more information about how roofing contractors re-shingle steep and high-pitched roofs, don’t hesitate to contact us here at ADN Roofing LLC by calling (203) 751-3091.

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