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How To Prevent Moss and Algae Buildup On Your Roof

How To Prevent Moss and Algae Buildup On Your Roof

Moss and algae are very different species of growth frequently occurring on rooftops. The two also have different effects on a roof system. Moss spores and algae are both transferred from one rooftop to another by wind or animals. The methods for preventing algae and moss growth on a roof are very similar.

Effects of Algae and Moss

Algae — The most common growth on roofs is blue-green algae, recognizable as dark streaks on the roof surface. Algae spores can spread rapidly across a rooftop. Algae are normally not harmful to a roof, but they produce discoloration and dark streaks that present an eyesore.

Moss — Unlike algae, moss can seriously damage a roof, building up and causing shingles to lift up and warp. This can break apart the bonds between your roofing shingles, allowing them to be blown off in high winds and leave the under-layers of the roofing unprotected from water.

Preventing Algae and Mold Growth

Remove Debris — Keep your roof free from fallen leaves and branches from your roof. If you use a leaf blower, blow the debris downward off the roof. Blowing it upward can wedge debris under edges of shingles. Do not power spray your roof.

Clean Gutters — Keep gutters clear, to prevent standing water along lower edges of your roof.

Trim Trees — Branches hanging over a roof or casting shade on part of the roof for too many hours during the day allows moisture to accumulate. Lingering moisture promotes unwanted algae and mold growth. trim trees to ensure that sunlight reaches your roof.

Ventilate — Install a proper ventilation system under your roof deck, to reduce heat and condensation buildup in the attic and control humidity.

Use Algae-Resistant Roofing Materials — When you replace your roof, especially if algae or moss growth is common on roofs in your area, consider using asphalt shingles with copper granules, or other algae-resistant technologies.

Have Routine Roof Inspections — Algae and moss growth and many kinds of damage to your roof system can be prevented through regular periodic inspection and maintenance.


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