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How Summer Heat Can Damage Your Roof

How Summer Heat Can Damage Your Roof

It’s summer. And like most places, it’s probably going to be another summer that topples the last heat record. Temperatures are rising. And what’s taking most of the heat of those record-breaking temperatures: your roof. Even here in Connecticut. What does the heat actually do to your roof and what can you do about it? Find out here.

What does summer heat do to your roof?

There’s two things that affect your roof during the summer: (1) the actual heat; and (2) summer storms caused by the combination of rising warm air and moisture.

During the summer, whether it’s a cloudy day or a clear-blue day, the sun is still shining — burning through clouds and striking the roofs of homes throughout Connecticut. High temperatures day after day means damage. Heat damage transpires in the form of

  • Curled shingles
  • Cracked shingles
  • Diminished granules
  • Diminished roof deck.

During the summer, there’s also the problem of increased moisture and stores. Humidity can cause all of the above damage as well as increase mold buildup and deteriorate your insulation.

In addition to damage caused by heat and moisture, storms made by the latter can do immediate harm to your roof. High winds, pounding rain, and hail can cause dents, remove shingles, wash away protective granules, among other problems.

What can you do to prevent summer heat-related damage?

There are things you can do before summer heat and humidity take their toll on your roof. One of those things is getting your roof inspected. An experienced technician will be able to tell you what kind of damage — if any — you have, and then consult with you on your best options for repair and prevention.

Some options are as follows:

1. Your roof can be repaired. If you have issues with your roof already, you want to get it repaired before the summer heat sets in. You can use it as an opportunity to heat/rain-proof your roof-with the help of experienced, knowledgeable technicians.

2. Your roof should be accompanied with a good, clear drainage system. Always make sure your drains and gutters are clear of debris. After storms, check for the same.

3. Your roof can be coated. It’s basically the same thing as sunscreen we use to protect ourselves from the sun. This coating acts as a sunblock to prevent the curling and cracking that occurs when your roofs subjected to long periods of heat.

4. Your roof can be improved with waterproof materials that can help prevent mold buildup and insulation damage. Whether you are  repairing your roofer simply want to ready it before it gets damaged, your technician can use materials that are best for you and the environment in which you live.

5. After each rainfall, check your house, including the attic, for any signs of damage or leaking. Return to option no. 1 and have the repairs made immediately.

Where to find a contractor equipped to help you?

As mentioned, getting a thorough inspection by experienced, knowledgeable roofing technicians is always a great starting point. At ADN Roofing, we have 15 years of experience leading the way. To find out more about our roofing services and how we can help you protect your roof, and therefore your home and family this summer, contact us today online or at (203) 751-3091.

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