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What Time of Year Is Best To Clean Your Gutters? Fall or Spring?

What Time ofYear Is Best To Clean Your Gutters? Fall or Spring?

Most people assume cleaning gutters out in the spring is the way to do it, before things start growing in there. Others think fall is the best time for gutter cleaning, after the leaves fall. In fact, both camps are right. Here is how to figure out the right time to clean your gutters.

What Affects the Performance of Your Gutters?

Your gutters represent a line of defense for your home and its foundation. Consider all the things your gutters do:

  • Keeps water from damaging your home
  • Keeps water from pooling on the roof or at the base of your home
  • Keeps water from ruining paint and siding
  • Keeps water from ruining plants, flowers, and decorative things near your home

Moisture is the enemy of virtually every part of the home. By keeping it away from your house, your gutters help keep away mold, insects, and all the problems that come with them.

Keep your gutters clean and routinely make sure they stay that way. Besides, keeping the gutters clean also keeps the gutters themselves working for you. You won’t need them repaired or replaced as often.

When Should You Clean Your Gutters?

When gutter cleaning should take place depends on many factors.

Where You’re Located

We certainly get four seasons in a year and a good amount of rain year. That means you should consider semiannual gutter cleaning. Clean your gutters once in the spring and once in the fall. Make gutter cleaning part of your normal spring cleaning schedule and part of your typical fall maintenance routines.

What Surrounds Your Home

If your home has trees around it, those leaves will clog up a gutter fast. Even a single tree close to the home will shed leaves that sit in the gutter and affect its performance and integrity. Insects, birds, and other creatures that spend time in trees may also attempt to turn your gutters into a home.

In addition, shade from trees can contribute to moisture buildup and gunk in your gutters. In cases such as these, you may have to clean your gutters more frequently than normal.

What Your Gutters Currently Look Like

If your gutters have a whole ecosystem of plant and animal life hanging over the edges, then don’t wait until a particular season to clean your gutters. You should clean them immediately. A gutter in disrepair or one hanging heavily needs a professional cleaning and inspection. After that initial cleaning, you can start a more regular routine.

Outside of a schedule, you should pay attention to your gutters. Clean them when they need cleaning. No matter the season, we at ADN Roofing are available to evaluate, repair, or clean your gutters. Contact us today.

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