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Questions to Ask When Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Roof replacement is one of the most important home remodelling projects you’ll have to undertake at some point
as a homeowner. It’s expensive, and it can get even pricier if it’s done wrongly the first time. Therefore,
homeowners need to ensure that they do their due diligence in the contractor recruitment and cost estimation
process. It’s the only way to ensure that you hire a reputable con tractor who is capable of doing the job right the first time around.
There are certain questions that every homeowner should ask before hiring a roofing contractor. A bad roofing job
will result in leaks and other problems in the future, meaning that you will have to spend more time and money on
repairs. Here are some of the most important questions to ask a roofing contractor before you make any

What’s the Name of Your Company and Where Are Your Offices?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is failing to ask for the company’s full name and physical address. The
lack of a physical address for a roofing contractor should be a red flag, more than enough reason to move on to
the next contractor.

Is Your Company Licensed?

The answer you are looking for here is yes. Most states require roofing contractor to obtain a license. Licensing
requirements vary from state to state. When a roofing contractor has met the state’s licensing requirements, you’ll
have some recourse when things go wrong.

Are You Insured?

Accidents happen all the times. The likelihood of an accident in a home remodelling project such as roofing is high.
Make sure that a roofing contractor has liability insurance and workman’s compensation to protect you and the
employees working on your roof in the event of an accident.

Does the Contractor Offer Warranty for The Job?

A warranty is supposed to protect the homeowner from shoddy work from a contractor. Most contractors offer
warranties for the job — the materials are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Most roofing warranties are
typically one year, but others could be longer.

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