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Choosing Roofing Shingle Colors

Choosing Roofing Shingle ColorsThe roof is one the most prominent features of a home, which makes choosing the right color of roofing shingles very important. Choosing from the wide variety of colors that are available to help personalize your home is more than simply choosing your favorite color. There are multiple factors that should influence your choice of shingle color. Roofing shingles are manufactured to last decades, and you will be stuck with the colored for a number of years. You should take the time to carefully approach your color selection as a long-term or permanent solution. The key to doing this is to keep in mind the effects roof coloring has on the different aspects of your home.

Enhance the Style of the Home

You want to be sure that the roofing shingle color will complement the aesthetics of the exterior of your home. The color should enhance the architectural style and color palette of your home. For most styles of homes, the roofing shingle color should blend in or offer an interesting contrast without distracting from the rest of the design elements of the home. You can match the color of the shingles with the color of other prominent features of the homes, such as the siding, brick or stone, and give the exterior of the home a complete look.

Look Beyond the Curb

A home’s surroundings should also be considered when choosing a roofing shingle color. Think about how your roof will look alongside those of your neighbors, whose homes may have similar architectural styles and colors. Giving your roof some individuality doesn’t mean that your home should clash with your neighbors’. Also, be aware that darker colors may be more suitable for homes that have a wooded background while homes located in the city may blend in easier with lighter colored shingles.

Consider the Weather

The color of your roofing shingles can work with or against your local climate, affecting how well you are able to maintain a comfortable temperature inside of your home. Light-colored or white shingles are ideal for homes that enjoy warmer climates for most of the year. The lighter colors tend to reflect ultraviolet rays and the heat away from your home, helping to lower the temperature in your home during the hottest part of the year. Dark-colored shingles absorb heat and are better suited for homes that are located in cooler climates.

The color you choose for your roofing shingles can directly impact the appearance and function of your home. Setting aside enough time to carefully consider factors such as home setting or the climate where you live will help to ensure that you are pleased with your color choice.

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