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6 Signs That You Need a New Roof

6 Signs That You Need a New Roof

Is everyone around you replacing their roofs and you are wondering if you need to take up the trend? Here are some of the easy ways of knowing if you need a new roof

1. Age is not just a number

It might be with humans but not with the roof. As the house covering nears its 25th birthday, the life expectancy of the shingles nears an end. You need to change the roof a soon as possible to avoid the development of the other issues. Most of the homes we dwell in currently were built at the same time. If yours fall into the same category then you should do what your neighbors are doing, get a new roof.

2. Leakages

Finding water inside your home after a rainstorm is a telltale sign that your roof has outlived its usefulness. Check the attic for ice dams, or trickling water. Roof damages begin with small seepages, and if neglected, it grows into a significant roof replacement. Call the contractor who installed the roof, if your warranty is valid. Otherwise, find a professional to look in the cause of the problem

3. Sagging Roof

It is avail reason to worry. It indicates a structural problem on the roof and can be a danger depending on the extent of the sagging. Let professionals handle it as soon as possible. If the entire roof is sagging, then a new roof is not an option, it is a must.

4. Shingles in the gutter

Roofs lose more shingle granules as they near their life expectancy. Check the gutter regularly to see if there are shingle deposit in it. You may a have one to five years for the roof to completely give away. You can avoid the last minute rush by replacing the aging shingles. You may need a roof if most of the shingles are affected. Otherwise, a localized replacement on the roof is sufficient.

5. Missing shingles

The best time to check for a missing shingle is after a storm. Weak parts will break off leaving patches that if not corrected can lead to the destruction of other parts of the roof. If a significant number of shingles are missing, then you surely need a new roof.

6. Curling or buckling shingles

They do not have to break off for you to know that your shingles have done their part and needed a replacement. Shingles can either claw (have flat edges with raised center) or cup (edges of the shingles turn upwards) when they age.

Hire certified professionals whether you choose to replace the shingles or have a brand new roof. They should be experienced in the type of roofing and have no hidden charges. If you are in Connecticut, then contact ADN roofing company for a free estimate.

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